And I’m happy to finally let the Anubis AE out of the bag!

Your Mid-June Update: Gah!  East & West are transposed!  The large, all-caps English is supposed to be on the opposite sides.  I’ve sent fixed art to the mint (several times), and in the past I’ve discovered that if you do that, they end up executing the second-to-last blueprint you send.  Hopefully this doesn’t happen this time.  But the art is in and approved, and I’ll be picking up the cost for the new dies as it’s my bust, and hopefully the coins are actually in production!


An Ancient-Egyptian-themed geocoin, building a compass using lotus buds & blossoms with a central “Aten” (sun) disk on one side.  Both English and Middle Egyptian, the latter transcribed and written in a pronounceable version, mark the compass points, while the hieroglyphs are hidden under the enamel of the appropriate bud.  On the obverse, a classic Amarna-period Aten (with handed rays) opening a geocache on the other.  A scarab escapes from the cache -- freedom for the bug!


  1.   Aten (Gold with red/blue/green enamels) - Regular Edition

  2. Set (Copper with yellow/red enamels) - Regular Edition

  3. Osiris (Gold with brown/green enamels) - Regular Edition

  4. Nepthys (Silver with purple/blue/black enamels) - Regular Edition

  5. Anubis (Satin Gold with blue/black enamels) - Artist’s Edition

The coin was designed to be a 2-dimensional coin with imitation hard enamel (which is polished flat after being applied, so the whole coin is flat and the colors fully filled).

Original Artwork

Here is the artwork originally supplied to the mint.  I try to be as faithful to the end colors as I can be, though it can be difficult at times to predict how a color will look on a certain plating, especially with translucent enamels.

Original Mint Blueprint

The mint replied with this blueprint.  They seemed to have captured the idea pretty well, so we asked them to cut the dies and make samples.


Uh-oh, there’s a problem.  The front (lotus) side of the coin looks pretty darn good.  But the back does not look like the enamel is filled up flush with the surface of the coin like it’s supposed to be.

We went back and forth with the mint.  Eventually, it was established that because of the multiple recessed levels behind the arms and the very narrow spacing between the arms, the mint workers could not fully and properly fill the coin with the imitation hard enamel.  Our only choices were a) accept it as it is or b) modify the art.

Mint Blueprint, Redux

Here is the mint’s recommendation regarding the art on the front: fewer arms will allow the workers to fill in the coin sufficiently.

Sample, V2

Oh my god.  Have you ever just wanted to crawl up under a rock and die?  Have you ever promised people over and over again that yes, it’s a screw up, but it’ll all be fixed this next time, I swear?  What a nightmare. :(

So here’s what happened.  The mint decided, without telling us, that they might be able to better fill the back of the coin.  And they spent the whole time doing this, without telling us that this was what they were doing instead of, I don’t know, cutting a new die using the new blueprint that we approved.

On the bonus side, the Osiris version (the green and black one, 2nd row left-hand side) is looking a whole lot better.  But on the minus side, we’re still not getting a full fill on the back.

I asked Pete just what the heck is going on.  As soon as there’s an update (and perhaps an updated date for the expected sale time), I’ll post it here.

I’d like to apologize again.  I keep saying “I’m sorry”, but I really do mean it very much each time. :(

Samples, V3

Okay, now we’re cooking with gas!  Here are the latest samples, and since these are finally, solidly on track, Pete at the Geocoin Store has put these on order.  So they should be in stock in about a month!

Some notes --

The translucent red on the Set coin (#1) is way too pink.  We’re swapping it out with #3, which is the same red as in the background of the actual lotus compass side -- much richer and bloodier, and much better than pink for Set.

I think the Osiris coin turned out beautifully.  Originally, it was one of my least favorite.  Now it’s up there towards the top.  The greens just turned out so nicely -- lush and rich.  Gorgeous!

Purples, pinks and blues for Nepthys.  And the purple brings out the background detail nicely.  A royal set of colors for a royal lady.

The blues of this coin just sing, even through the so-so photography.

July 10, 2010 - They’re Here!

The long, hard journey to getting coins in people’s hands is finally coming to a close.  The coins arrived, the new die is correct, everything is just fine.  What a relief!  But no (eventual) success story could be without some additional bumps; in this case, the mint reported some problems (not sure what) with the satin gold versions (the Anubis and the Osiris) that delayed production.

So as of the 10th of July, the Aten, Nepthys and Set versions are in the Geocoin Store.  The Osiris and Anubis versions are (hopefully) only delayed by a week, to be arriving at GCS on or about the 16th/17th.